I'm back in this year 2020 with an updated website. As usual, I will share here my latest musical creations as well as my latest mixes. Here you will find the direct Youtube links to listen to them.

I started mixing in 1999 with technics MK2 vinyl turntables, playing sounds rather "hard techno" style, but in the years that followed my tastes evolved. Since 2008, I also mix on digital turntables.As my liking for electro sounds grew, I wondered how I'd convey these feelings to the audience at large. Live mixing was the obvious answer, maintaining a balance between personal expression and artistic interpretation. As you can see, my main influences come from minimalist electro sounds, like some German or English artists.

Regarding my mixes, I always try to offer a harmonious and pleasant selection, after all it's a bit like a DJ set telling a story... And regarding my compositions, I create them with my inspirations of the moment, wanting to make something different from other artists.



Techno Mix [63:40] Dj Set [11-2020]
Coeus / Tim Green / Lexer / Maceo Plex / Re:Axis / Juan MacLean

Techno Mix [47:10] Dj Set [05-2020]
Agents Of Time / Raxon / E. de Crecy / Ame / Maceo Plex / Recondite

Techno Mix [47:00] Dj Set [04-2020]
Raxon / Fred Lenix / Madben / Mia Mendi / Trunkline / Maceo Plex

Techno Mix [51:00] Dj Set [04-2020]
Wehbba / Volen Sentir / J. Mills / Maceo Plex / Denis Horvat / Silvina Romero

Techno Mix [43:00] Dj Set [01-2020]
Brame & Hamo / Maceo Plex / Mason / Deniz Bul / Michael E / Robert Babicz

Techno Mix [42:10] Dj Set [12-2018]
Architectural / Kölsch / Etienne de Crécy / Hackman / Elax / Guy Mantzur

One Day After [5:40] Track [04-2020]
Track produced by Redjul / 2020 Project

For You [3:20] Track [02-2019]
Track produced by Redjul / 2019 Project

Sublime Life [3:30] Track [02-2019]
Track produced by Redjul / 2019 Project

Hypnotic Paradox [6:00] Track [01-2019]
Track produced by Redjul / 2019 Project

Want You [5:50] Track [02-2018]
Track produced by Redjul / 2018 Project

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